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by James Getgood

With its days of invention and industry behind it, the once great nation of Britain is a crumbling wreck. Led by the megalomaniacal but charismatic Gareth Blaylock, the tyrannical Ministry rules the country with an iron fist. The poor and downtrodden must slave away down the mines while the rich live a life of opulent splendour.

Within this world of luxury lives Gareth’s thirteen-year-old son, Sam. Oblivious to the pain and suffering outside his door, he whiles away his days playing cricket and going to garden parties. But one day, his father makes a fatal mistake that thrusts Sam into a world of suffering and torment.

Just as all seems lost, Sam meets Xan da Silva, a mysterious boy with steam powered wings. Xan reveals to Sam an invention which promises to bring light to the darkest times. But in order for it to work, Sam must take on his father in a battle between the past and the future.