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My name is James Getgood and I am a British writer. I specialise in fast-paced, dystopian stories with strong characters and thrilling plotlines.

Growing up in the sprawling suburbs of South London, I dreamed of escaping the miserable, overcast days and the endless rows of identical houses. While other boys my age were kicking a ball around or getting into fights, I had my nose in a book, immersed in another thrilling escapade.

At the age of nine, I wrote my first sci-fi book, a dystopian thriller set on a training camp on Saturn’s moon Titan. Although it didn’t bring me the fame and fortune I was looking for, I spent my youth fascinated by the alternative universes that speculative fiction offered.

At university, I studied English Literature, where I learned that accomplished YA Fiction could be every bit as inspiring and powerful as writing for adults. After graduation, I became an English language teacher and have taught in the bustling metropolis of Seoul, the deserts of Saudi Arabia and a ramshackle favela on the hills of Rio. I now live in Barcelona, where I work as a freelance author and travel writer.

In 2017, I published ‘Firedamp’, my first novel for young adults. You can read the first four chapters for free, or buy it now from Amazon UK for just £2.99.

You can read the first four chapters for free or buy it now from amazon UK for just £2.99